Make Your Music Production Pump

As a recent additional benefit to be available on the Free Instrumental Portal, we have decided to make some of our production technology available for download. Soon Artists and Publishing Firms will be able to use our Monstrous 999 Bass Thumper and FLUTTER Sax technology for their Bass and Sax tracks. In the ever changing world of virtual music production, these two tools will be a welcome addition to the production arsenal.
Our mandate at is to give artists more tools to work with, better tools, not the same worn out public domain tracks, nor the repetitive sample offerings otherwise available, but instrumental tracks of complete newly created songs which include intros, hooks and endings. These offerings can be used to create songs or hooks for radio, television and movie production. We welcome your comments and any additional information you can provide on this subject and would definitely love to “hear” from you. Send in your track to be placed in the “AUDITIONS” sampling portal.

Set of drums

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bass track production ** with the power of the MONSTROUS 999 BASS THUMPER

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