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The Legion

This week we had the pleasure of calling our Producer of The Week: Gabe Schillinger and his team “The Legion”. We’ve personally spent some time in...
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Artist of the Week

Ultra L-Oh

This week at FreeInstrumentals.com we are blessed to interview up and coming artist Ultra L-Oh. His music speaks for itself but as soon as we...
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First, we invite you to browse our huge selection of Instrumentals. You can browse the beats by genre(Hip Hop, Rap, Alternative, Ambient, Club, Dirty South, Grime, Melodic, Ratchet, Smooth, Trap, Upbeat , WestCoast, Pop, R&B, even beats with hooks!), featured instrumentals, related instrumentals, newest additions, price, popularity, or average rating. As you find Instrumentals you wish to save or utilize, add the preferred file type (MP3, WAV or Stems) to your shopping cart. You will notice that pricing applies only to WAV & Stems file formats. MP3 file types are ALWAYS 100% FREE!

Once you have completed your shopping experience, simply review your Shopping Cart. You may remove any items that you wish to remove at this point or continue to checkout. We will ask that you create a user account and enter your billing information for your purchases, along with any coupon codes you may have prior to placing your order. Upon creating or logging into your account and placing your order, download links will be provided on your receipt for immediate access to your selected content.

Once you have purchased and downloaded your Instrumentals, you are free to utilize them as you see fit. All artists are compensated by us for their instrumentals and provide royalty free use. You may opt to credit us or the artist by providing a review on your blog or their personal social media links if you feel inclined to do so, however this is NOT a requirement.

Free Instrumentals is designed for music lovers, artists, producers, and musicians to come together in one place to share their instrumentals, ideas, philosophies, tips and tricks, album reviews, and more. We have designed this space so you can listen to, download, and purchase the instrumentals and beats laid down by our featured artists and producers as a means of building a platform for musicians to collaborate virtually.

We feature an Artist of the Week which provides an interview into the lives each artist, their genre, how they got started, where they are now, and other interesting facts including their social media links. We also feature a Producer of the Week which allows you to get familiar with the world of producing music, why they do it, how it’s done best, memorable recording sessions, and much more exciting information from their perspective of the industry.

In turn, we are pleased to provide you with the most recent original instrumentals in urban genres like Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Alternative, Dirty South, Club, Grime, Melodic, Upbeat, West Coast & Pop, as well as up-to-date industry news, our Staff Instrumental picks, and tons of other music industry related information.

MP3 – Perfect for use by beginners who may be just getting into the biz, creating mixtapes, or testing the waters. Our Mp3’s are always 100% FREE! We invite you to download as many MP3’s as you would like, giving you the cheapest most affordable way to try out our services and decide if the higher quality formats are worth the investment for you while providing the flexibility to begin using the music, adding your own lyrics, and getting your name out there!

WAV – If you want to put out higher quality mixtapes, our mastered, high quality 44.1K, 16 Bit WAV files are the solution for you. At a minimal rate of only $9.99/each, you can create an entire mixtape full of High Quality instrumentals for under $100. That’s a savings of 75% over our competitions rates.

STEMS – Are you ready to take the next step and use the highest quality instrumentals for your musical project or mixtape, check out our Stems formats. They’re the highest quality 44.1K, 24 Bit WAV Stems on the market ideal for the serious artist. Stems provide you with unlimited flexibility, they are comprised of all the different tracks fully separated, NO FX… NO MASTERING! You can take your purchased Stems into the studio where your engineers can mix the beat, chop it up, add a hook, remove a bride, the possibilities are endless. At a phenomenal rate of only $29.99 each, you can’t go wrong while creating your own unique masterpiece.

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