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iLL Nicky

This week at we are honored to call our Artist of The Week: iLL Nicky, from San Diego, CA. Over last few years we’ve had the pleasure of watching iLL Nicky flourish into the amazing artist that he has become now! This pure blooded Italian loves life and you can truly feel the positivity just from speaking with him. His music is on another level and if you haven’t taken the time to listen to him, your ears are missing out. His latest video:   And without further adieu…. The Interview: -What is your name & what do you go by?  My name is Nicholas, 100% Italian blood. I go by the moniker of iLL Nicky. There are a few reasons on why that name took form. I used to just go by what my family called me, Nicky B. I was marketing my music as Nicky B until my boy Mikey complemented me on a verse I wrote, and said, “That was ill, Nicky. I loved the sound of it and it made sense to me and what I...
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  • MP3′s are free? Yes, totally 100% free! This makes it perfect for you to decide wether or not the higher quality audio files are worth it for you. Take the instrumental, write a song, record it. Love it? Want to put out a mixtape? Go for it, you can download as many MP3′s as you’d like! You can make countless mixtapes, all with our free instrumental MP3′s!
  • WAV files. These are mastered, high quality 44.1k 16 bit WAV files of the instrumental. Want to step your game up? Put out better quality mixtapes? These are perfect for you, and for only $9.99/ea, you can have a mixtape full of instrumentals for less than $100!
  • Stems. Here we go, now we’re talking. You are ready to step your game up to a whole new level. With the stems, you get all the different tracks, separated. No FX, no mastering, raw 24Bit 44.1k WAV stems. This is ideal for the serious artist. You want to take the stems to the studio, have your engineering mix the beat, chop it up, rearrange it,add a hook, remove a bridge…the list goes on. You can create your own masterpiece from our stems, and the best part? It’s only $29.99 for the stems. Try and find another producer that will give you the stems for that cheap!

It’s really that simple. Once you download the instrumental, you can do whatever you like with it. Feel free to credit us or not, totally up to you. Now, stop reading and start listening!

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