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Vado – “Niggaz Sleep On Me”

With hard-hitting bass practically smacking you in the face from the first note to the last, this instrumental is THUMPIN!!

Rhythmically, the beat is fresh, energetic and encourages head-popping/body-dropping moves. The beat is definitely club ready with raw clapping, snapping and stomping which encourages crowd participation when used in any venue. This artist has undoubtedly left his mark, you can’t help but hear the confidence this talented musician displays in this piece. It’s strong and full of conviction for the genre in which it’s created.

The mix of digital effects is subtle, balanced and perfectly placed. The slowed down Matrix effect both precedes and follows a rigorous clapping segment that’s only found in the “Frat Boy” Stomping scene. This track earns an A+ instrumentally, as the variety of instruments and digital effects are brilliantly rendered and appear virtually seamlessly within the arrangement.

Lyrically though, the entire track would have been better with just the background “Hey”s than the obnoxiously over-repeated “Niggaz Sleep On Me” lyric. That’s an easy enough obstacle to overcome in most recording studios though, making the overall performance technically on point!



Get your notebook, a napkin, a paper bag, anything near you that can be written on…

Get something, ANYTHING, to write with….

And add your own awesome lyrics to this Get-Up-and-Move tempo, or take it up a notch with your engineer and producer and customize it even more.

Finally, create some easy to follow dance moves, throw a party, then take your track to the DJ, your manager, or anyone else that WILL put your music on for others to hear… and get ready to check out the response of the people around you… WOW!

Current, Stylish, and Versatile are just a few words that sum up this track! Overall, the track is distinctive and unique, it is loaded with strong commercial potential and crowd-pleasing appeal.