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Trey Songz – Trigga

As the 6th album Trey Songz has dropped, Trigga dances on a fine line and brings in a sense of modern Hip Hop to his true R&B roots.
This album was produced in partnership with Singbook and Atlantic Records. It’s also no surprise to see big names like Notorious B.I.G, Three 6 Mafia, or Teena Marie flipped into choruses resembling the late 90’s rap scene while gently percolating beats, amazing vocals and muted textures are abundantly circa 2014.

Making his way onto the charts with his hit single “Cake”; it is featured as the Number 1 song slot on the LP, and aided in the sales of over 105,000 copies of the Trigga album. Let’s talk about “Cake” shall we? We all know that “Cake” is a double entendre for the type prepared, in lieu of a birthday celebration (Thanks to Rhianna). Thanks to Trey’s delightfully raunchy bedroom talk, it lands itself right smack dab in the middle of the spectrum of sexual innuendo, where the rest of the album covers and potentially tips the scales between enticingly straightforward to downright elaborate.

Within the opening verse song you hear the lyrics “They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too,” and to drive home the point in logical thinking, “But ain’t that what you’re supposed to do,” and in going back for another ‘slice’ adds “Ain’t you supposed to eat it too?” The most frequently asked questions when someone hears the idiomatic proverb, this song is an etymological inquiry all wrapped up in a transparent wrapping of metaphors that ARE the expression’s equal.
In other songs on this album like “Foreign”, he details his preference for women of other ethnicities. In “Late Night” he connects himself to the idealization of being a Great White Shark in a sea full of fish, either being the biggest fish in a small pond or having the ability to be as selective as he chooses, the idea isn’t exactly far-fetched. All these different shades of Trey, and he still has the balls to asmit he admires the sight of a lover in “All We Do” with lyrics like “All we do is drink, f*k, eat and sleep” and “Cooking naked, eggs, and some bacon” to the slight bumping, pleading tenor vocals and super savvy presentation. “Touch Lovin,” features an innuendo free and outright filthy guest verse from Nicki Minaj, we’ve all heard verses like this from Nicki before, so this comes as no huge surprise to listeners.

To sum up the album in its entirety, the average man thinks about sex between 1 and 388 times per day…. It’s safe to say Trey Songz isn’t you average man. In his 9 years as a recording artist, he’s made it abundantly clear that sex is pretty much ALWAYS on his mind.

Trigga Track Listing:
Cake Trey Songz 4:45
Foreign Trey Songz 4:08
Na Na Trey Songz 3:51
Touchin, Lovin Trey Songz (feat. Nicki Minaj) 3:41
Disrespectful Trey Songz (feat. Mila J) 3:57
Dead Wrong Trey Songz (feat. Ty Dolla Sign) 3:48
All We Do Trey Songz 4:27
Foreign [Remix] Trey Songz )feat. Justin Beiber) 4:34
Late Night Trey Songz (feat. Juicy J) 5:08
Smartphones Trey Songz 3:52
Yes, No, Maybe Trey Songz 5:19
Y.A.S. Trey Songz 6:06
Change Your Mind Trey Songz 3:42
Trey Songz – Cake Lyrics


Baby, this might sound rude
I’m taken but I want you
And I don’t wanna play by the book, no rules
They say you can’t have cake and eat it too, but ain’t that what you s’posed to do?
Ain’t you s’posed to eat it too?
Ain’t that what you s’posed to do?
Ain’t I s’posed to eat it too?
Cake’s on the menu
Cake’s-cake’s on the menu
Cake’s-cake’s-cake’s on the menu
I’d like to have dessert for starters
Tell me baby, can’t you take my order?

Hey pretty lady, give me some of that cake
I’d like to place an order, ooh, I just wanna taste, and ooh I’d hate to wait
Lay your body down all over my plate
Once I blow the candles out, put it in my face
So tell me you gon’ serve it up nice
The customer’s always right, baby


Light-skinned girls got that red velvet
Dark-skinned girls chocolate
White girls got vanilla frosting
Cake tastes great, I love all of it
I’ve got a sweet tooth and it’s just for you
It ain’t hard to see it through, girl, I know you want to
So tell me you gon’ serve it up nice
The customer’s always right, baby


Ain’t that what you s’posed to do?
Cake’s on the menu
Ain’t I s’posed to eat it too?
Cake’s on the menu

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