Crash and Burn (CASINO Mix) (Licensing)

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This is a sure-fire Texas Hold'Em Poker thrill the chill to the bone theme song. Toronto loves Texas Hold'Em and this song brings a world class production to that scene, one which will surely be renowned and acclaimed to be just that .. . world class! Don't let someone pick up an exclusive on this one and let it slip through your fingers. Amateur vocals made for illustration only and will be removed in files you will receive. Now, grab and get to work!

PREMIUM License Includes:

  • WAV lease
  • use for recording music
  • synchronization for 5 music videos
  • use for 50000 audio streams
  • distribute 50000 copies
  • MP3 amateur vocals for illustration only
  • must credit
  • must submit video for approval

For exclusive rights on theme song, please contact with offer.

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