In this room, the custodians and purveyors of inspiration and good vibes gather. We play “our” music, not everybody else’s. We prance and frolick with gaiety. The novelty of our compositions gives us great pride and we relish in our accomplishments, if ever so minute and little known. In this room, everyone is welcome. The INTRO LEVEL ROOM has no monthly fee, with only a small set up fee. For advanced use, complete files are available in the PRO DEVELOPMENT ROOM. For HQ digital sound recording, upgrade to the PRODUCTION STUDIO where wave stems are available for each song, at reduced prices. Record your track and submit to Free Instrumentals so that your track and your name will be featured! We would like to “hear” from you. Enjoy!

Girl in black jumpsuit with unicorn cap


A Power Ballad about a love that started at a very young age and progressed through hail, wind and storm.

A song about an uncaring self-sufficient bad boy/girl.

A taunting and boasting slam and bang basketball exposee, made to measure for all the really big boys in the style of “catch me if you can”.

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