Production Studio

$49.00 $29.95 / month with 1 month free trial and a $15.00 sign-up fee

In the Production portal you have access to all the building blocks to produce your own music. Whether you are producing songs for distribution, radio or TV ads, as well as movie sound tracks, in this portal you have access to the stems for each song (wav single instrument tracks). New songs will be added regularly to the library, so you will never run out of fresh material. Above and beyond this capability, we will soon allow access to some of our engineering production tools, including but not limited to, Monstrous 999 Bass Thumper, Advanced 808 Bass Emulator, Horni Flutter Sax, Cuchi Cuchi Tweaker and Howling Piano Vibralator.


The Production Studio is for the serious songwriter, music producer or publishing firm. Here you can obtain the wave stem tracks for each song. These are HQ wave files necessary for digital production required for radio, TV, movie and web. You may also receive some assistance in songwriting and music production, one on one for one hour each month. Also we have made some of our dedicated production sound modules available in the Production Studio, including Monstrous 999 Bass Thumper, Advanced 808 Bass Emulator, Horni Flutter Sax, Cuchi Cuchi Squeeker and the Howling Piano Vibralator. Put these to use for your next single, album or media production. In terms of pricing, our plans are very affordable. Consider that each wave stem is sold separately for $12.50 and you can immediately see the value in the Production Studio membership portal. We hope you enjoy the offerings we have worked hard to produce and welcome all your comments and submissions.


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