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This week we are blessed to be in the presence of the mighty Nexxus! We have had the pleasure of watching the Nexuss and even working besides him years ago! We’ve seen him evolve through many stages to become the multi-skillful highly talented instrumental producing MACHINE! If you haven’t heard his instrumentals, get out from under the rock your hiding under and open your ears, get your pen and pad out and prepare to write. Hope you have your neck brace on.

His latest video:

And without further adieu….

The Interview:

What is your name & what do you go by?

Sebastian Widmark (Yes related to Richard Widmark) – however, musically I go by “Nexxus” (Thats 2 X’s)

How old are you?

Oh boy… like 2599540 years old or something like that? Nah haha… I’m 23 as of April 14th.

Where are you from?

I’m was born in West Palm Beach, FL – Maybe that’s where I picked up my insanity, haha but I was raised after 9 in “The Bay Area” in Northern California, so I’ll always carry The Bay on my back. That was where I found my way to the studio, that’s where life started for me.

Nice. You said “where I picked up my insanity”. Can you elaborate a bit?

Sure… Im crazy as hell. Im like 2 steps away from multiple personalities, haha and creative to a point where I feel skitzo at times. I remember being at the club in FL at a young age and everyone was “in sync” doing the “Macarana”. I didn’t like that much so I created my own. That explains kind of my mindset when it comes to music as well. Oh right, I also dance. Pretty much anything music related I am diggin.

When did you start producing?

I started producing “Trance” and “Hardstyle” music under my current name when I was 12, found my “home away from home” in a studio at 14 with a group called “The Slapboyz”, we later formed “The Legion” and when I was old enough to move out, I moved to LA and it’s history from there.

Why did you start producing?

Man that’s like asking a cow why it makes it’s milk. I started because I love it. I was banging on pots and pans in the kitchen before I could talk, “humming” melodies over it as I went along. My whole family knew before I did! Haha.

Who is your inspiration?

Damn… Some 10-odd years ago I could have given you a definitive, concrete answer. At this point my inspiration all comes from the people around me. I grew up on “Grunge Rock”… (Nirvana, Offspring, Alice n Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, The Cranberries – later on in life Nikki Sixx, and studying Trent Reznor – my HEROS in rock) – also a lot of the “Hip Hop” classics, I grew up in the “Biggie and Tupac” showdown, so that was really when I got into urban genres. I have so many of them it would take me years to list them all… So, Mac Dre. Enough said.

Do you still have that same passion?

Yeah, absolutly. Turning what you love doing into something most people dread… “Work” wasn’t a fun phase to go through, (especially homeless with no money, in a city you don’t know at all – living couch to couch like a boss haha). You have ups and downs, but in my experience the ups come more than the downs do as time goes on, you figure out how to turn the work aspect of it, like mixing, mastering, the technical aspects of production, and turn them into what they started out as. Fun.

So you moved from The Bay, to LA with no money, plan… nothing?”

Haha I guess you can say that… I just knew that the musical “cieling” was much higher here, and there was more opportunity. My “Plan” was to create like I always have, and like they say let the music do the talking. I’ve always had a very strong faith in myself. Plus, as long as I had my headphones and laptop, I never truly felt homeless. Even the days where I did sleep outside.

What is your favorite cd?

“Nevermind” by Nirvana. There isn’t a single track on that album I wouldn’t listen to on repeat for days.

What is your favorite song?

I honestly can’t answer that with just one. (See a pattern here? Haha) I have different favorites for different reasons… Like “Gerry Rafferty – Right Down the Line” – I have so many memories as a child with that song. Or what “Sixx AM” does with the song “Life Is Beautiful (Acoustic Version)” – that passion, and pain is translated so well. I honor that, and try to replicate that emotion in my own music. Or maybe Ill throw on that “93 Till Infinity” and drive around. “Diamonds by Rhianna” also, because I know what kind of work went into make that song, and as you can see it turned out well.

Who are your favorite artists right now?

Honestly, lately I’ve been listening to so many but people like “Future”, “Drake”, “Travis Scott”, “Wiz Khalifa”, “Kendrick Lamar” would be on the playlist most. Folks in my circle, like “KYLE”, “CP”, and all of the talent that are just above the radar – EDM artists like “Point Point”, “Diplo”, “Zhu”, I have a few others as well, but I feel like I should wait to speak on them. You’ll hear soon !

Do you like to do collaborations?

Love them. Honestly I think collaborations are an amazing way to diversify, almost essential at times. Sometimes you’ll have a song, and you get stuck on it, overthink it, etc… You send it out and all of a sudden your hearing something completely different.

Did someone have to push you to make music?

Yeah, me! Haha… Nah, it’s funny actually, when ever I’ve taken breaks from music, the moment someone starts to push, I push back. I am not very good at taking authority yet. Im not sure if I wan’t to be. I see the world as my playground, I may go to San Diego tomorrow just to go, hit a few clubs, network, and probably land in a studio somewhere. If you are around and can’t give me a reason not to, you know where to stick it.

Will you ever retire?

Hell no. Well maybe, idk Im 23… Too early for that. Plus, it’s not often we give up our passions to “Relax”. Music IS relaxation to me.

Does going platinum matter to you?

Of course, but being realistic, at the end of the day I strive to make good music, that’s all you can do. Recently I broke a “Barrier” that I feel now everything I make is above a standard I set for myself, so my “Solo-Project” releases will be much more frequent. Now if those go platinum, that will be the cake for me. I LOVE doing live shows, and to tour the world on my own tour would be a dream come true.

How do you feel about bootlegging?

I don’t really pay attention much. I mean it would be nice to have the amazing pay checks from CD’s flying off shelves, but it’s not needed imo. There are plenty of other ways to get payed. Now LEAKING music is punishable by at least 5000 lashes in hell, from yours truly.

Where do you see the industry going in 5 years? 10 years? 15?

I see it constantly doing back flips. I’ve watched cycles repeat when it comes to trends, so I’m guessing it’s going to be more diverse, as it gets every day… and probably more technical and monopolized through internet-based platforms like Spotify, and Youtube.

What is your favorite instrumental that you’ve produced?

Hmmmm…. I work with an artist “Left Boy” on his CD out in Vienna, Austria the last couple years… and I have an unreleased track I performed a few times on his tour. I was blessed with the opportunity to go on tour through EU with him earlier this year, selling out shows… MADNESS! Anyways, that track could be one of my favorites. Then again I constantly have new favorites as I venture into new territory.

Thank you for doing this interview! Anything else you’d like to add?

Yeah, sure… My favorite quotes should do. “There is no reason for a plan B, it only distracts you from plan A” – Will Smith. GO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! IF THEY DON’T SCARE YOU, THEIR NOT BIG ENOUGH! Be on the lookout for a music video I have coming out, and stay tuned for more music Peace, Love, and all that other good stuff!. Thanks