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Kid Ink – “Main Chick”

This week’s Song of the Week goes to Kid Ink for his Main Chick Remix that features big names like Chris Brown, French Montana, Tyga, Yo Gotti and Lil Bibby. The song was recorded in the same session as “Show Me” with Chris Brown, but initially wasn’t set to be included on the “My Own Lane” album. However due to the positive response of fans on Brown’s “X-Files” mixtape version, Kid Ink added a remix of the song to his album after all, bringing in those big names and a re-written verse for himself.

How popular has the song been for Kid? It’s currently in multiple positions on 12 different charts. The lowest position being in France at #161, and of all 12 positions is the only one under the #100 spot. While the highest position is held on the US Rythmic Billboard Top 100 list at #3.

Main Chick (Remix) Lyrics
Kid Ink

[Intro: Chris Brown]
I told her “fuck that nigga”
(Mustard on the beat ho)

[Hook: Chris Brown]
I don’t know your name, but you’ve heard my name
I know why you came…
Tryna get that name, but you’ve heard my name
Girl I know you wanna be my main chick, my main chick
I said fuck whoever you came with, who you came with
I told her “Fuck that nigga”
(I don’t know ya)

[Verse 1: Kid Ink]
Said, “I don’t know you” playing
But I know you came all the way to the bus so you more than a fan
Tryna get a picture, I’m just saying
Need a photobomb for that Instagram
Woah, went to get high, got a blunt rolled
I know I see you in the front row, tryna get all my attention
Throwing your back got me reminiscing
Hotel right around the corner, no mission
Hoes tell real freaks play they position
Straight to the benches, get too foul
Just make a decision, is you down?
Lights out, I had way too much to drink
All these girls look like the same chick
But I don’t know one thing


[Verse 2: French Montana]
You know he’s a lame, come around with the game
Slick Rick chain, shawty wanna be my main
Plane to the boat then the boat to the plane
26 on a ride fill up both lanes
Talk, go outside, we be sitting in the paint
Shawty wanna know my name, but you know my name
Montana what they call me, champagne, caviar
Doors up, panites off, and you know I put my city up
You know my name, Montana
(Mustard on the beat ho)


[Verse 3: Tyga]
All on my line with the same text
Fresh off the P.Jet trynna get your pussy wet
You super ready, shawty I know that
If homie got a problem, we address him, tell him hold that
Tote that, all my niggas flame up the yoda
We could leave in the roaster
Doing shit you ain’t suppose ta
Rozzay, rolex, sex in your new Lex
Got a lot of condos I could put you in one
T-raw I’m something like your papi now, she getting use to me
She happy now, watching bridesmaids, think she got it made now
Ass up, face down, puff, pass the weed around
Young hitter, she just wanna doggy style
Pumping snoop album now, balling on the balcony
What’s your name, Natalie
I ain’t even asking ya, I just know you bad as fuck
But I don’t…


[Verse 4: Yo Gotti]
She want the bad, want the Cad
Want the key to the pad, want the lab now that’s a yellow flag
Black and white jet, shit look like an oreo
Shawty met your homie, so you know how the story go
Gunned it who killed talkin’ Terio
I’m a street nigga, so you know the scenario
I can’t trust these hoes, I can’t do it
Shawty she a thot, already done been through it
I want a real chick, I can chill with, count a mil with
His and her’s rollies and Glocks, that’s that real shit
I don’t want your IG or your Twitter
Just want you for the night but don’t be bitter


[Verse 5: Lil Bibby]
Shawty see a young nigga gettin’ money
She don’t even know me and she talkin’ ’bout she love me
Laughin’ to the bank, man that shit so funny
She know I’m a big dog, nigga, you a little puppy
Man, hoes all in my section, you a man, she said it to her best friend
Mess around you will get a ten, get back ‘fore you meet my Smith and Wesson
Ay, like shawty what it is though? Shout to the spot, I’mma text you the info
I’m with my niggas so make sure you bring some friends ho
I call her nanny how she pick up on her kids though


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