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Jon Bleez

Artist of The Week
Jon Bleez in the studio with us at Pyramind studios.

Jon Bleez

This week at we are honored to call our Artist of The Week: Jon Bleez, from Charlotte, NC.

There is much to be said about Jon Bleez. Firstly, the mans voice cuts through the microphone like a pristinely sharpened samurai sword. We’ve personally recorded him at Pyramind Studios in San Francisco, CA on a U87 through an Avalon pre/compressor…and I tell you what, it makes your ears cry tears of joy.

He is the rare breed that takes his time to craft his music and doesn’t rush through his lyrics. He’s a thinker, a man of the mind. From our experience, he knows exactly how to engage your brain & your heart. He knows how to make you NEED to listen to the words he says.

He has heart(not to be confused with foolish pride). This is the type of man you want on your team, work ethic like none other, drive, ambition and he could spend a month straight in the studio with no need for rest or breaks. He is dedicated to his musical craft, to his family and to his beliefs. If you haven’t heard of him, trust me, you will…

Before you move on to his interview, bless yourself and listen to his latest video:

And without further adieu….

The Interview:

What is your name & what do you go by?
My name is Jonathan Hawblitz and I go by the name of Jon Bleez or one of the many peer given derivatives such as: J Bleez, Bleezy, Jonny Bleezle Rap, and such.

How old are you?
I am 26 yrs. young and don’t feel a day over 16.

Where are you from?
My roots are and forever will be in the murder mitten aka Michigan. Southwest Michigan to be more precise. After 14 years of that life I ended up in Marin County of the Bay Area, CA. A decade and some change later I settled in Charlotte, NC, where I currently reside.

When did you start making music?
…before I can remember, but I do recall being 4 yrs. old and making a dope beat on a children’s piano. I put three keys in harmony and was memorized by the repetition. It’s a shame the producer thing didn’t stick.

Why did you start making music?
Aside from my prodigy piano experience, I started making music to release emotion and fight against oppression. My first freestyle experience took place camping in my backyard when I was about 11 or 12. My best friend Jeremy was catching some grief from a kid at school and we were plotting on him all day. That night we stole some booze and pot from our parents and got to slapping the Slim Shady LP. We were pretty loaded. After a while of looking at the roof of the tent my brother started busting off the top of the dome. I followed behind him with some sort of battle rap against the cat who was giving my homie grief at school. I remember being able to rhyme and come up with lines in succession while staying on topic. That moment right there was the beginning. Shout out to the hater who was hating on my boy.

Who is your inspiration?
My inspirations are the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. If you figure out their essence beyond the books and blasphemy of false prophets you will see the world differently. You will live in a different light. Its very powerful and inspiring stuff. Honorable mentions include my family, financial security, and legacy.

Do you still have that same passion?
I actually have more. When I was younger, passion was a mystery. I’ve grown as a person and figured out how to maintain passion to the best of my ability. My focus on using passion as life fuel helps to harness it more often…. just my humble opinion.

What is your favorite cd and why?
My favorite CD is the Slim Shady LP by Marshall Mathers. I can’t decide if its the best CD out there but it had a significant impact on my youth and developed a place in my heart. It’s the first CD I freestyled to, it’s the first CD my Dad banned from the home, it also showed me a side of Hip Hop I love. That home hitting gritty shit nameen.
What is your favorite song and why? 3 Little Birds by Bob Marley, because it’s an instant sleeping pill for my son. Three bars in and he’s out like light.

Where is your favorite place to perform?
My favorite place to perform is in front of people who listen. I would love to do an “unplugged” show so everyone could hear the lyrics clearly and feel the tone of my stories. It’s also a dream of mine to perform at EDM events with a DJ mixing my songs. Turn up!

Do you like to do collaborations?
Yes and no. It’s magical clicking with another artist. Synergy is a beautiful thing. I don’t like collabing with slackers, evil men, or people enchanted by illusions of grandeur. Do ya thang but know your lane, ya know? If those lanes cross… cool. If you’re swerving and cutting off my lane in a forced attempt to merge… Ima lay on the horn, Jack.

Did someone have to push you to make music?
No, but I do enjoy when someone does. I am a dreamer and an artist. That translates to being slightly manic, constantly distracted, and always thinking. Sometimes its nice to have someone step in and say, “No more thinking, finish this project, and start working on the next one. I’ll be checking in to make sure you stay on task.” I believe I’m a hard worker and talent is my grace but a push is nice sometimes. It also helps build relationships.

Will you ever retire?
Sure. Once a day and twice on Sundays. I also come out of retirement like Brett Farve or Michael Jordan. Real champions always want more.

Does going platinum matter to you?
Without a doubt. Going platinum would help provide the financial security and fan base I want. I love underground music. I lived in the Bay Area during the era of Mac Dre, Andre Nikatina, San Quinn, and many more. The underground scene is tight but I would trade being a hometown hero for the chance to speak to the whole world every time.

How do you feel about bootlegging?
It’s whatever. It’s nice when people pay for music and support the arists they enjoy. On the other hand, factoring in the current state of our economy, I cant justify disliking someone for doing what they gotta do to find a slice of happiness. That being said… support your favorite artists if you can afford to. It provides them with the support and opportunities they need to continue spreading their message.
Where do you see the industry going in 5 years? 10 years? 15?
More electronic. Drum and bass, breaks, house, and dubstep with hip hop vocals. I had a vision of this happening half a decade ago. I’ve even tried a few times but no break through yet. People will hate at first but that’s just human nature. As we shift to heavenly nature it will all unfold.

What is your favorite line from one of your rhymes?
“I hope I die in peace and give a little piece of me to these youngins in the streets who think its coming easily.”

You can find Job Bleez his Soundcloud