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John Legend performing live!

In The News – John Legend

How many times can one artist make use of one of his songs? John Legend has quite possibly made the Guinness Book of World Records for this in the use of “You & I (Nobody in the World)” which features supermodel wife, Chrissy Teigen.

Let’s rewind to June 29th, and his BET Award performance in L.A. where he sang “You & I” before being joined on stage for a piano performance to accompany Jhene Aiko. Following that performance, John released the YouTube music video for the single on July 10th, which featured his amazing wife and many other beautiful celebrities including Laverne Cox. 

The very next day in NYC, a hotel sold a story that John was at the hotel with what appeared to be a high class hooker…. Who’s the mystery woman??? It’s none other than his high class wife Chrissy! The photos provided with the story depict a wonderful time in New York City shared by the couple. While Chrissy quoted to DuJour magazine, “High class though, it was high class!” although I’m sure that such a snazzy hotel surely wouldn’t have gotten her identity so misconstrued!

Just to reinforce the love shared between this awesome couple, John is seen opening Chrissy’s car door for her after dinner at Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood. With rumors of hookers and Chrissy’s comical IG message regarding Larry King, it’s clear they are still very passionate in their relationship.  And who says chivalry’s dead???

Since this article has mentioned the lovely Chrissy Teigen, it’s worth mentioning that she made her debut appearance in MTV’s new food reality series “Snack-Off”. Her role is to taste, debate, and determine the fate of home-cooks and amateur chefs.

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