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How do I complete CMRRA Affiliation forms?


Affiliation is a two-part process:

1) signing and returning the appropriate forms; and

2) registering songs.

1) Please return the following pages of the affiliation agreement:

  • Part I: Affiliation Selection Checklist
    • “Name of Publisher” is the name under which you’ll be affiliating with CMRRA. If you do not have a publisher name, you may affiliate under your own name.
    • If a CAE/IPI Number has been issued to you as a publisher by your Performing Rights Organization (PRO), please include it. Otherwise, leave blank.
    • Ensure that appropriate affiliation boxes have been initialled and dated
  • Form ‘A’: Payment and Mailing Instructions form
  • Form ‘A.2’: Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization form, if applicable
  • Voided cheque This is required if you are providing an Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization form (Form ‘A.2’).

2) A catalogue is a list of song titles to be registered for licensing purposes. It can be submitted in one of the following manners:

All affiliation forms and song registrations can be emailed to: If you’re unable to email the information, please either fax or mail the documents. FAX NUMBER: (416) 926-7521, ADDRESS: 56 Wellesley St W, Suite 320, Toronto, ON M5S 2S3.