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Growing Your Studio Affordably

Ok, so you’re ready to upgrade some or all of your equipment in an effort to produce higher quality crystal clear sound quality in your productions. Whether you’re amping up your home studio or looking for the best new product for your existing studio, keeping up with technology is essential to your success. In turn it will increase your profitability by reducing the number of recordings needed to complete full album content and increasing session bookings thus increasing your profit and credentials.

In this article, I’ll cover a few new products that are valuable to any size studio from recording on your smartphone to a tablet or even a laptop or full board setup. 

As studio space evolves to include the ability to pretty much set up a recording studio anywhere, technology must keep pace to be beneficial to it users. Let’s venture through a few choice products that are HOT for today’s producers that are getting more compact in size and much more portable flexibility. 

Some of the best products are simply software. Starting with SoundCloud, who has updated their app to include new features like:

Pause & Resume Recording – which is great for recording song concepts and ideas, spoken lyrics, or splicing together audio segments to create a flowing sound between clips.

Private Listening Mode – (iPhone App Only*) Use this feature when you’re ready to listen to your audio without playing it through the speaker. Listen through your headset or just like a normal phone call.

Trim – Remove the unwanted silence at the beginning and end of your recordings from the edges to reduce your files to the size you want. 

Fade In/Out Option – (Android App Only*) For a more professional sound, utilize this feature after trimming down your recordings.

Improved Wafeform Image – From the beginning of the recording you will see graduated colors that show real-time inflection of vocals as well as reflected sound volumes around you that are picked up before you even start recording. This helps you adjust as necessary to capture the best sounds.

Tips: – Tip pop-ups are available on both App platforms and are optional to users.

*iPhone and Android Only features are being expanded for functionality cross-platform.

For even more options with new software, check out Mixcraft 6 by Acoustica. This powerful Windows based multitrack recording application brings all the bells and whistles functioning as a MIDI sequencer, music loop remix program, non-linear video arranger, and virtual instrument host as well as a full Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

The user friendly interface comes packed full of audio effects, virtual instruments, and includes over 6000 professional music loops preloaded in the installation package. Mixcraft gives you full flexibility for recording audio, remixing tracks, arranging loops, composing with MIDI and virtual instruments, score and edit video, add effects, and mixing and mastering your tracks. The final result is a polished, professional composition you can be proud to put YOUR name on.

Music Loops – Included music loops and sound effects vary across popular genres including rock, folk, dubstep and more.

Virtual Instruments & Sound Effects – Mixcraft comes pre-loaded with an assortment of 22 high quality effects that include reverb, vocal reducation, multi-band compression, Chorus and delay, guitar amp simulators and features ReWire hosting, multi-take loop recording along with tons of other professional features. Also included are 11 virtual instruments that range from vintage modeled synthesizers to high quality acoustic instrumentals and studio quality electric drums.

I’ll conclude with a sneek preview into the upcoming continuation of this article, where we’ll move from software into…

Gadgets & Gizmos for the Modern Producer

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