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Candice Glover on the red carpet!

Candice Glover – “Music Speaks”

As the next season of American Idol prepares to begin auditions, Season 12’s winner Candice Glover drops her first full length album Music Speaks. Even with 2 set-backs regarding release dates and “Damn” leaking online, she handled those issues with true professionalism.

The album strays away from her mainstream pop sound and the result is a combined styling of 1960’s lounge music with contemporary R&B in a hearty serving of ballads. Currently sales have reached the 27,000 mark and earning her a peak position of #14 on the Billboard 200. While the single “Cried” positioned her at 105th on the Billboard 200, it also climbed to #14 on the US Adult R&B Charts. While her debut single “I AM Beautiful” assisted her in reaching her highest point on the charts thus far coming in with results that achieved 93rd on the Billboard 200, 33rd on the US R&B Charts and #6 on the US Heatseekers.

Just like her performances on Idol, Candice sings with complete conviction and with such force that it’s 100% believeable. You can hear the genuinely heartfelt lyrics throughout the album but let’s take a look at some of the other pieces that comprise this CD. There’s the conviction, best heard in “Die Without You”, a floating kiss in “Thank You”, then a little looser Candice in “In the Middle”, and the album wraps up with “Love Song”, which is a cover of the Cure’s “Lovesong”. 

The album in its entirety is slow moving and lack-luster.  Not typical of Candice in any stretch of the imagination. However, this is often the case in the post-Idol debut release since the artist has very minimal if any input on the material.

The track list for this album consists of:

1. Cried 3:20

2. Die Without You 4:04

3. Same Kinda Man 3:58

4. Damn 3:43

5. Passenger 4:36

6. Forever That Man 4:12

7. Kiss Me 4:36

8. In The Middle 3:51

8. Coulda Been Me 3:32

10. Thank You 3:57

11. Love Song 4:43

12. I Am Beautiful (Acoustic) 3:11

Candice, we wish you the best in your budding music career, we know you’ll be around a while and once you’re free to make your music your way you’ll be a rising star that shines brightly.

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