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America’s Little Darlin’ – Miley Cyrus

Ahh.. America’s Little Darlin’…. Disney’s very own creation of multiple personalities and paychecks in triplicate… somewhat grown up.

I suppose these would be like most people’s college years chock full of parties, friends, limited responsibility, bad choices, and even worse public scrutiny. The once innocent young star; bearing in mind her parents are no strangers to the spotlight, and the age at which she began her own career, she’s finally got a voice in her art and performances that are age appropriate and cutting edge if not socially acceptable. She does know how to make some big splashes and ride the ripple effect that takes the media by storm!

Yeah, yeah, she was once such a positive role model for your 8 year old, her songs were poppy, catchy, and could be enjoyed with your spoiled little brat that HAD to have every stitch of attire and $150 general admission concert tickets….. and while her current performances, attire, and lyrics may not be suitable for a younger audience, she’s grown up, gone beyond being under Disney’s thumb of approval, able to express herself.


At this point if you don’t like her, you’re probably not going to start but she’s not going ANYWHERE anytime soon so let your little girl find interest in someone suited for her age group that isn’t trying to RULE the Pop Charts for adults. It’s like people expected Miley to stay young and Disney innocent forever…. Didn’t they learn anything with Christina and Selena???

We’re sure to hear more about Miley in the Coming weeks through her Bangerz Tour, where she will be joined on some August dates by Lily Allen. Check out tour dates HERE.

Here’s what Lily has to say TODAY (7/31/14) about the subject “It must have been very tough for her to make that transition from the Disney into herself, essentially. People don’t really like change in this day and age, and not only has she succeeded in changing her complete persona, but she’s done it in an in-your-face way, which I love.”

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